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Mto wa Mbu Village

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Welcome to our Village, Mto wa Mbu!

Mto wa Mbu village lies within the east African Valley, some 120km from Arusha City, Mto wa Mbu inhabits more than 18,000 thousands in which there are 120 tribes. Maasai being the originak inhabitants of the area. Mto wa Mbu flourishes in the presence of three great rivers namely, Kirurumu river, Mahamoud River And Magadini river.
The word Mto wa Mbu literally means "Mosquito River"

Mto wa Mbu village is among the most active Villages in northern Tanzania, and it is the best stop over for tourist touring to the Serengeti National Park, Ngorngoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park. Mto wa Mbu borders Lake Manyara National Park to east-south side and the Lake itself.
Mto wa Mbu exports mainly banans, there are over thirty species of Banana in the village being introduced from various part of the country mainly KAgera and Mbeya region.

Why Mto wa Mbu Village?

If one is looking for the great taste of Tanzanian Culture, then choose Mto wa Mbu Village, a boiling pot of Cultures from different corners of the country! Learn what do people do for a living, learn different modes of production and what exists in these cultures..
Karibu Mto wa Mbu Village!


Maasai old man, Maasai tribe is the mojority of all the tribes in the village

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